Glass and basalt-reinforced plastic rebar production mill “TLKA-2”(Pultrusion Equipment)


“TLKA-2” processing line is intended for fiber-reinforced polymer plastic rebar production from glass rowing and basalt roving and is used as reinforcing component for building accomplishing. 


1 200 000 Rub

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Technical feature

Equipment for “TLKA-2”

Indicator Meaning
Productivity, m/min 10-25
Mass, kg Not over 1500
Overall dimensions, m 16
Consumption current, V 380
Power consumption, kW 13


Delivery set

# Name Quantity
1 Roving bobbin carrier 1
2 Leveling device 2
3 Dipping tank with prestressing device 2
4 Spiral winding unit 2
5 Annealing chamber 1
6 Water cooling unit 1
7 Pull mechanism  1
8 Cutting unit 1
9 Fiber-reinforced plastic rebar accepting unit 1
10 Line passport 1


Business plan

General line features:
  • productivity is 5-10 km for an 8-hours shift
  • diameter is form 4 to 16 mm, the more rebar diameter is, the less productivity is, but the more product profitability is
  • cost is up to 1750000 r (the cost of mile and technology)
  • line length is 18 m + the length of glass-plastic bar is up to 6-12 m, you need production space of 30 meters length, width of the line is 2 m
  • profitability is 100-120%
  • engine and units multimode power is 12-15 kW
  • operating power per hour is approximately 10 kW/h
Diameter, mm Cost price per meter, Rub
4 1,5
5 2,864
7,5 5,508
8 6,155
10 8,459
12 12,925
14 17,336

The wage of the workers charges according to the count of 50 kopeks per running meter.

It is desirable not to change the producing diameter on the line each shift. Because it would be necessary to change features(winding speed, putrusion speed e.c.t).

Materials that are using: glass roving – 65 R/1kg, resin MTGFA 1kg – 130R, resin ED-20 – 1kg – 160R, Alchofen-323, 20R – 1 kg, DEG 1 – 445R/kg. It is mixing in definite proportion. Others components of mixing are also possible. But we use this one. More detailed prepacking and consumption are given after prepayment foe the machinery.

Education is included into machinery price together with resin and roving supply. The machinery is maximally eased for maintenance, everything except electrics that is imported is made from our details.


Appearance and equipment sketch image


We started to make the lines of two kinds with reinforced pull mechanism and glass roving wringing.

1st kind – the cost of the line with automated winding unit is 1600000R

2nd kind – the cost of the line with automated winding unit is 1750000R, with higher speed for bigger diameters 10, 12 e.c.t.