Glass-reinforced plastic rebar

Glass and basalt-reinforced plastic rebar production mill “TLKA-2”

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Glass-reinforced plastic rebar produced by “TLKA-2” mile

  • AGP-4mm
  • AGP-6mm
  • AGP-8mm
  • AGP-10mm
  • AGP-12mm
  • AGP-14mm
  • AGP-16mm
  • AGP-18mm
  • AGP-20mm

Glass-reinforced plastic rebar

We know how difficult it is to bring in something new in Russia. And the matter is not that costumer is not yet ready to percept new technologies and materials. In our own experience we know what problems face those who are trying to bring into the market goods that are new and unknown for that moment. As a rule, private clients realize their benefit pretty quick. They estimate all the advantages and disadvantages and make their choice to the new technologies.

The biggest problem appears within the trying of scale commissioning. For instance, every new building material faces the line of fear, misunderstanding and awkwardness of projecting institutes. It is not a secret that the production will not have the exit to the big building market until you do not find the understanding within projecting company. Partly the engineers’ logic appeals to “Why should I risk and even try to take something new if it is much easier to use well-known materials even if they are completely obsolete.”

There are stalemate situations sometimes like for example the situation with non-metallic fiber-reinforced polymer plastic rebar that finds wide exploitation in European countries. In Japan it becomes the only kind of fiber-reinforced plastic rebar that is used in aseismic constructions building. All that is good there, and here in Russia we still do not have it in GS list. It came through lots of tests that confirm its perfection over the iron-reinforced rebar, has all the certificates, positive institute conclusions, is mentioned in building code but there is no word about it in GS.

If to think over it we should be happy that window glass came to Russia in time of regency (before contemporary GS had appeared), otherwise it would never get to any of GS lists and the windows of our houses would still please us with pleasant turbidity of bovine bladder over it.